Jim Corbett Trip - Summary - IIT Kanpur Alumni Association Outer Delhi Chapter

Hello friends,
I wanted to share the fun we had in our Jim Corbett trip with all of you.
 Trip was organized by IITK Alumni Association outer Delhi chapter. We planned for Jim Corbett trip during November 2010 and sent notification to our group to find out group interest level. We got tremendous response and finally the following people made it to the final list with their families.
 1. Mrs. & Mr. Anurag Goel
 2. Mrs. & Mr. Pravin Kumar
 3. Mrs. & Mr. Ram Kumar Gupta
 4. Mrs. & Mr. Dev Raj
 5. Mrs. & Mr. Praveer K Agarwal and two kids
 6. Mrs. & Mr. H. N. Singh
 7. Mrs. & Mr. Pankaj Mittal and kid
 8. Mrs. & Mr. Vishal Gupta and kid
 9. Mrs. & Mr. Bipul Parua
 10. Mrs. & Mr. Damnish Kumar and kid
 11. Mrs. & Mr. Gopal Agarwal and daughter
 We were 25 adults and 3 kids under the age of 5 years making us a group of 28.
 We started our journey from Delhi at 10:40 PM on January 13, 2011 through Ranikhet Express. Train was right on time and we quickly occupied our seats. All of us were in the same coach. It was fun to be in the same coach and everyone met and gelled together very easily. We were off to a 2 nights and 3 days weekend trip to Jim Corbett Park Dhikala. Train was right on time and we reached Ramnagar at 5 AM in the morning. Fresh air was amazing; we almost forgot what is called clear air in Delhi. It was good to feel it. Everyone enjoyed the cold but very clear morning and the sip of a refreshing morning tea.
 District Magistrate Nainital, Mr. Shailesh Bagauli (IITK2000) helped us. Our travel arrangement was made in an open gypsy so that we could use the vehicle later for our jungle safari. We took a small ride to nearby guest house where we were served with hot local breakfast. It was amazing to see clear sun rise and lots of greenery, fresh air, mountains and panoramic sceneries that were more than enough to bewilder all of us. Everyone took rest and in the mean time we arranged all the required things needed to go to Dhikala forest guest house.
Day 1- Jan 14, 2011
 We started our journey around 11 AM from guest house to Dhikala Guest house. We entered Jim Corbett from Dhangadi gate. The whole journey inside jungle was too good. It was amazing to enter animals’ home and making sure we don’t disturb them. Good to see how comfortable they were in our presence. Administration and rules were strict and it was good to see everyone following them always.
 We reached Dhikala Guest house around 1 PM and went to our room to get a quick settlement. We got twelve rooms booked in advance. The plan was to do lunch and go for Safari. We had 4 gypsies for our safari tour. We took our lunch at Dhikala Guest house, Food was too delicious and the staffs were very helpful. They were always ready to make what you wish for. It was economical price for unlimited delicious food.
 Few of us decided to take elephant safari and rest were in gypsy to enjoy their jungle safari. Open gypsy safari and elephant safari both has their own craze. Elephant takes you to the real jungle and makes way for him and you. Gypsy goes on their regular roads and yes there were many animals ready to pose for us. Weather was very good and the Sun and jungle colors were looking awesome in full glory. Dhikala has Ramganga reservoir. Reservoir level was high due to good rain in the monsoon season. Every gypsy was occupied with one guide who was very helpful in telling us about Jim Corbett. Watching the nature smoothly with no pressure on your shoulders to do any task, there cannot be anything else fun. Best part was no mobile working, so no disturbance of any kind to us and for animals. We came back from safari around 5:30 PM and sun had already taken leave to brighten America. We took dinner and did our gossip for some time. We decided to meet at 6:15 AM in morning and went to our rooms. By the time it was 9 PM everyone was in deep sleep. You can sense absolute silence and hear some intermediate voices of animals. It was absolute peace and some deep sleep.
 Day 2 – Jan 15, 2011
 Everyone was excited to go for safari and everyone got to the assembly point by 6:30 AM. One group of families took their turn on elephant and went to jungle, rest went to gypsy safari. Our elephant group was having four elephants and 8 families on them. One elephant out of these four was occupied by a tourist family; they got really scared when they found one tiger charging their elephant. All of them grouped together and came back. It was nice experience to listen to the story of two tiger charging an elephants and how elephant reacted and made everything normal for them. Gypsy team went to other route this time and met several deer and amazing birds. Safari is a 2 hours ride which happens only two times in a day. We came back and had our breakfast/lunch. By this time weather became very cold and it started raining. We got to see thick rain hails too. We got assembled in a room and started playing age old group game “Antakshari”. Group was consisting of different age group people and it was amazing to see song selections which varied from 1960’s to 2011. We started our safari again and while nearing to our guest house, we met a herd of wild and untamed elephants and their complete family. They gave us some amazing pictures and were having a small elephant kid as well. You can check pictures in our album. We found many colorful birds and all sorts of animals. We were able to see many kinds of deer like sambhar, cheetal, spotted dear etc. We came back to Dhikala in the evening and started our Antakshari again. We were some real good singers and few were always ready with songs. We finished our day after taking dinner and spending memorable time together. We saw clear sky and stars which is a rare sight if you are in Delhi.
 Day 3 – Jan 16, 2011
 We started our day at 6 AM, It was clear day. We decided to do our final safari and decided to go in to river bed. Found crocodiles, fish and birds doing their part to keep environment in equilibrium. We came back to guest house and took our breakfast and went to our room for packing. We started our back journey to Ramnagar around 11 AM. We were greeted by Mr. Shailesh Bagauli at Ramnagar who arranged a fantastic lunch for the complete group. We enjoyed our lunch and group photographs. After lunch we decided to visit local Ramnagar temples. After visiting local places we reached to the railway station for our journey back to Delhi. Train was again right on time and we left Ramnagar at 9:30 PM. we reached Delhi at 4 AM and took our ways to home. It was Monday morning and we all were in Monday blues.
A memorable and peaceful trip came to an end. Every group member including kids had real fun and had their share of this amazing and fun filled Jim Corbett weekend trip.
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Damnish Kumar